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Another Happy Family.

We are so Blessed to say another Family has found their Home here with TeamJJ Realities. They love and we love it for them. ❤️ Thank You Lord for Better Days ... In Jesus Name Amennnnn

Ps: Home posted somewhere below is no longer for rent 🥰

Please feel free to continue to reach out for new home availabilities, And or if you want to help us provide a Home to someone in need. Again a Big Congratulations and Welcome to our new Friends and Family today. We really hope you enjoy it, And remember "You're never homeless, Because Home is where the Heart is. God Bless!!

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Site under reconstruction.

A New Way To Pay is coming soon. Along with other new and exciting features to our page. In the meantime feel free to message us for details on ways to pay/donate. We love you and appreciate you. God

Better Days Are Here!!

About to close on my third Home. Wow!! That’s Crazy!! 🏡🏡🏡 👀 Yesterday was my first night sleeping back in my car again. And..❤️(IFelt so good waking up this Morning) Some call it tradition, Others


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