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Our Story

So as a single Father I created TeamJJ Realities because I wanted to give my Son more, So much more, And even more than that. He is not just my Son, But my entire world. 10 years ago when JJ was only a year old I went into a tattoo shop and told them to put TeamJJ on my neck with his birthday underneath. The reasoning behind it was because I knew from that moment on it was no longer going to be about me. Every decision, Every action, Every step and breath I'd take from that day forward was going to be for him. Whether it was going to CDL school to provide him a better life, Buying our first home only a mile from where he lives with his Mother, Or even taking what started as a way to better myself and make the necessary changes needed at the time, And turning it into a full movement/way of life, And now yes a actual Business. I made sure he's not only the name, but an Owner!! (That just made me tear up)

The motto behind TeamJJ Realities LLC is " You're Never Homeless Because Home Is Where The Heart Is" Something I said on the Altar without even thinking about it, When I was giving my Testimony after getting Baptized at Christ Tabernacle Church in Glendale NY, 2016. The Fact is I Was indeed Houseless at that time in my life!! Sleeping on top of a flat Church rooftop, Because I was "to proud" to sleep on some bench in some park, But needless to say I was Never Homeless, Because I knew in my heart we'd eventually be ok one day. That's how I slept at night, That's how I continued to smile' I knew eventually I'd make it back to him, And Lord knows I did that. The reason why I chose those same exact words for Our Company is because my Son has a heart just like mine if not Bigger, And we're not trying to be a Real Estate Business that's all about making money' We're actually a Team of currently Two' That wants to provide homes for those in desperate need of a place to rent, or even possibly buy from us one day. Our Soul Mission (not sole) is aimed at those in need of a second, third, forth..... Shot at life.

That's why we accept donations. We strive to be honest and fair with everyone. So every dollar we receive goes right back out to providing for those in need. Thank You and God Bless. Better Days Are Here!! New Beginnings Start Right Now!! So continue to DreamBIG XX. <3 TeamJJ <3 I Love You Son.


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Call or Text Today: 484-427-0889

Payments And Donations


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